Sloecentrale – Providing energy for 2 million households

Sloecentrale is a power generating project that consists of two gas- and steam-driven single-shaft STAG power generators, located in two separate buildings. Sloecentrale has a capacity of 870 MegaWatt, enough for the energy needs of 2 million families.

How FPC Risk coordinates Sloecentrale’s fire safety from design and installation to yearly inspections

With the consultancy and supervision of FPC Risk during the design and installation phases of Sloecentrale’s fire detection, alarm, and protection systems, owners PZEM and EDF could be sure of the most effective and secure positioning. FPC Risks’ services included testing, commissioning, and coordination with insurance companies and the local fire brigade.

Since the start-up of the power plant, FPC Risk conducts a yearly inspection and tests all life and fire safety systems, guaranteeing their renewed certificate.


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