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Mission & Vision

It is FPC Risk’s particular mission to unburden you as customers throughout your entire fire & emergency management proces, by:

  • gathering knowledge and experience around fire safety and emergency management;
  • implementing that knowledge on strategic, technical, and organizational levels;
  • and consequently, safeguarding your lives and assets from fire and other related risks.

FPC Risk believes there’s only one way to effectively protect lives and assets: with unbiased, independent, and skilled advice.

As a company, we live up to that vision through several rules of life:

fpc risk independance experience

Independence and experience

  • FPC Risk is truly independent, free from financial ties to equipment manufacturers, installation contractors, or insurers.
  • FPC Risk has an experienced and professional accredited staff.
  • FPC Risk takes its part as your partner very seriously but if necessary, we will also challenge you.

fpc risk independance experience

Sustainability and innovation

  • To assure a sustainable future, FPC Risk invests in existing customer relations while exploring possibilities in new and emerging markets.
  • A trendsetter, FPC Risk centers its business environment and services around innovation and creativity.
  • Although internationally oriented, FPC Risk tries to limit its ecological footprint by offering remote advice, collaborating with local partner, and making conscious travel choices.

fpc risk independance experience


  • FPC Risk is conscious of regional customs and requirements. We use an international deployment strategy to serve our customers.
  • We gather in innovative practice groups to better our services and our internal operation.
  • FPC Risk is an inspiring employer, offering our people diverse possibilities to develop their technical and personal skills.





Latest News


Making soccer stadiums safe for people

Football. It’s a party until it isn’t. With the European Football Championship in full swing and a green light for the building of a new grandstand for Standard Liège, it’s as good a time as any to turn our attention to (fire) safety awareness.

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Architect Q&A Sessions: Fire Away


Starting June 7th, FPC Risk will organize bi-monthly online Architect Q&A Sessions. In a 20-minute private session, architects and project developers can direct their questions at our in-house architecture expert, Kris.
To Kris, no question is too big (or too small). He has experience with a-typical buildings, heritage buildings, hotels, and so on. So, fire away!

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