FPC Risk has no financial ties with equipment manufacturers, installation contractors or insurers. This enables us to provide unbiased and truly cost effective advice.


Innovation is embedded in our organization through the FPC Center of Expertise. This think thank with representatives from the academic world, private and public industry develops new ideas for the benefit of our market. FPC Risk participates in European R&D projects to assure our solutions are research and future oriented.


Since 1973 we advised more than 10 000 companies in over a 100 different countries. Our staff, with on average 15 years of experience, has a multidisciplinary background applied in areas going from oil &gas and pharmaceutical, nuclear facilities over hotels to airports, shopping malls and historical buildings.


FPC Risk carries the utmost respect for regional and local habits and cultures. We pride ourselves to have more than 15 nationalities on board in a team that speaks and understands many different languages. This enables us to understand that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ and global solutions require local translation to assure an effective solution.


Transferring a high level safety philosophy into a technical and organizational concept that works during the entire life cycle of an asset is what FPC Risk does best. We know the theories and the concepts inside out and look for solutions that work when things go wrong.


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Woningbrand Anderlecht: Is dit een aanvaardbaar risico?

FPC Risk betuigt haar medeleven aan de slachtoffers van de grote woningbrand in Anderlecht op 19 april 2021. De hulpdiensten verdienen alle lof voor de snelheid en het professioneel optreden in uiterst moeilijke omstandigheden. Dit tragisch incident roept eveneens pijnlijke herinneringen op aan de dodelijke ontploffing op de Paardenmarkt in Antwerpen van enkele jaren geleden.

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Richtlijnen oplsagplaatsen voor gevaarlijke goederen en bluswateropvang

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  • Fire Risk Consulting

    Fire Risk Consulting

    FPC Risk provides Fire Risk Consultancy services for existing facilities or grass root projects. We advise companies and organisations worldwide on the development of cost-effective fire safety solutions for an extensive range of industries. The main goal is defining, together with our customers: ‘How much fire safety is too much, and how little is too little…’

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  • Fire risk engineering

    Fire Risk Engineering

    When it comes to engineering and design of fire protection systems, FPC Risk has 40 years of experience to throw in the balance. Our expertise ranges from complex designs for offshore platforms to special applications in the pharmaceutical industry and fully integrated systems in a-typical buildings.

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  • Emergency management services

    Emergency Management Services

    FPC Risk takes a holistic approach to emergency management. In today's world it is no longer a matter of IF things go wrong but WHEN and how quickly can you respond adequately. We take a risk based approach and help you increase your organisational readiness.

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