Work at FPC Risk



FPC Risk is a fit for you:

  • if you are the puzzle-solving out-of-the-box-thinking type;

  • if you are curious about the goings-on behind the closed doors of various industries and architectural gems;

  • if you love workdays that are never 100% identical;

  • if you value your mental well-being and enjoy a chat with your colleagues;

  • if you are ambitious and love to travel.


Why work for one if you can work for them all?



Variety in sector, location, and day-to-day activities

Working for FPC Risk is like working for a variety of industries and niches. Whether they are hospitals, hotels, drilling platforms, petrochemical installations, historical architectures, chocolate factories, or pharmaceutical labs: they all need up-to-standard fire safety. And that is precisely what you will deliver.

Variation is the ultimate attraction of a job in our team. You get to share the conference table with architects, CEOs, firefighters, and even Ministers. Not only do you get a peek behind the scenes of different sectors, but you also get to be a crucial part of them.

For FPC Risk employees, days can begin with a meeting about a hotel's evacuation plan and end with an on-site test of a chemical plant's sprinkler system. All while planning the following week's business trip to Qatar or Greece.


A day in the life of a fire risk engineer


Trust and ambition

At FPC Risk, your team leader trusts you. You get to plan your own time, as long as your projects get the appropriate follow-up and deadlines are met.

Senior members of the team are more than happy to inform and help their new colleagues. And if you feel ambitious, don’t be afraid to share that with your supervisors. Everyone is accessible and happy to support your progress. 

There are plenty of possibilities to learn on the job, to be taught by your colleagues, or to follow training and courses. Fire safety is a fascinating field to be a part of, especially when you love solving (mathematical) puzzles and unearthing regulatory solutions to a diversity of problems.


Open culture in body and mind

FPC Risk has its own culture team that creates opportunities for leisure and informal get-togethers. Happy employees are motivated employees. And being happy in your job is a result of being physically fit, professionally challenged, and emotionally confident. 

At FPC Risk, you are sure to enjoy fitness opportunities, a warm and welcoming team, captivating assignments, and a spot reserved for your exact capabilities. 


Jobs @ FPC Risk

Fire Risk Consultant

Junior Fire Risk Engineer

System Design Engineer

Emergency Management Analyst