Emergency Management Services

FPC Risk takes on a holistic approach towards Emergency Management. A thorough analysis of the emergency response organization is followed by an optimisation to your needs and standards into an integrated emergency management system. We combine organization design with training and practical exercises”

The full extent of this holistic approach helps to better respond to incidents and optimizes your emergency management organization.

Our emergency plan

FPC Risk develops an Action Plan that transforms your existing emergency management system into a more resilient organization.  

This plan:

  • Consists of 10 steps with an à-la-carte menu to pick and choose;
  • Follows a methodology, resulting in an approach unique to your organization;
  • Will bring your emergency management organization in line with your specific risks, culture, legal requirements, capabilities, and budget;
  • Is built on a five-phase philosophy : Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation.

To dive deeper into this philosophy and approach, contact us.

Emergency Management – the scope of our services

You can expect:

  • Optimized design of your Emergency Management Organization;
  • Fully developed Emergency Response Plan, Responder Action Cards, Crisis Dashboard and Pre-Incident Plans;
  • Implementation of innovative software solutions;
  • An increase in your emergency response capabilities thanks to structured training and real-life exercises;
  • Project management in case of complex joint emergency response involving private and public stakeholders;
  • Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment (ISO 22325-2016).

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