Brussel-Energie is a company that specializes in producing energy through non-recyclable household waste or equivalent waste. The installations of Brussel-Energie consist of three lines of 19t/h with a calorific value of less than 9,000 kJ per kilogram.

From design to live testing


FPC Risk was tasked by Brussel-Energie to prepare a specification and basic design for new sprinkler systems on the site.

FPC Risk began by analyzing the existing installations on the site, including the pump room and sprinkler system, based on Brussel-Energie's plans and the existing as-built file Subsequently, a predesign was developed that took into account the requirements of Brussels Energy and the demands of fire insurers for office buildings, warehouse spaces, and processing areas.

Based on legal regulations and the requirements of the insurer, the design and hydraulic calculation of the new installation, the tender dossier, including layout plans, P&ID, Iso plans, technical specifications, delivery specifications, and measurement lists were prepared. This was done while considering the requirements for testing and commissioning and specific requirements of the client.

FPC Risk provided advice during the bidding process by answering technical questions from the bidders and checking the bids through technical analysis. Brussel-Energie conducted a site tour with the different bidders and prepared the analysis report.

Thanks to the collaboration between Brussel-Energie, the insurer and FPC Risk, a fire-safe and environmentally conscious working environment could be created on the site.


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