Fire Risk Consulting

FPC Risk provides Fire Risk Consultancy services for existing facilities or grass root projects. We advise companies and organisations worldwide on the development of cost-effective fire safety solutions for an extensive range of industries. The main goal is defining, together with our customers: ‘How much fire safety is too much, and how little is too little…’

What we do

As independent fire risk experts we provide guidance through the complex maze of requirements and guidelines. Our experts interact smoothly with company management and engineering staff, fire officials, insurers, engineering contractors and architect firms.

Our scope of services:

  • Strategic fire risk advisory services
  • Qualitative and quantitative fire risk assessment
  • Development of corporate fire safety philosophies
  • Negotiations with authorities, insurers and other stakeholders
  • Life and fire safety due diligence services
  • International and local fire code consulting
  • Project management services
  • Development of budget estimates
  • Fire risk GAP analyses to corporate and legal requirements
  • Fire, explosion and evacuation modeling
  • Structural integrity analysis
  • Fire investigation

How we do it

Every organisation has its unique fire risk profile, so we firmly advocate a risk based approach while integrating corporate, legal and insurance requirements. We combine an innovative approach with a vast amount of practical experience in the field, to deliver a quality fire safety solution from a technical, operational, and financial perspective.