Oil and gas

Adma-Opco - Das Island

  • Develop fire protection and firefighting strategy for large crude oil storage tanks on Das Island
  • Prepare feasibility study and basic design for the upgrading of the fire detection and fire protection systems and equipment

AGT - Belgium

  • Risk classification and crisis organisation design
  • Emergency response plan development
  • Emergency management training

ADNOC - Abu Dhabi

  • The full scope of services from risk analysis to system design and fire training of operators for this ‘grass roots’ gas receiving and processing plant
  • Fire and safety consultancy and engineering services over a 28 months design period


  • Define emergency response capabilities for one of the major crude pipelines in the world (BTC) operated by BP
  • Develop emergency response plans
  • Determine how BTC would relate to off-site risks, civilian evacuation, training and management of local resources

CALAHAN - Port of Antwerp -Belgium

  • Joint industry project in Harbour of Antwerp with BASF, Total, ATPC, Vopak and Province and Port of Antwerp  
  • Align crisis management processes of private & public organisations
  • Develop and customize software technology to support EM operations
  • Train public and private entities

Chevron - Europe

  • Development of emergency response plans
  • Fire protection system testing for several offshore platforms in the North Sea
  • Renewed fire safety philosophy for extended platform use
  • Integration into safety cases
  • Preparation of budget estimates

Delek (Texaco) - Europe

  • Review of crisis management plan
  • Tabletop crisis management exercise for fuel depot Dolphin Energy Ltd - Qatar
  • Review of maintenance practices / procedures and  come forward with recommendations on maintenance practices for F&G and safety system installed at their onshore and offshore facilities in Qatar

DRAGON Oil - Turkmenistan

  • Appointed as specialist to carry out a study to appraise the adequacy of fire & gas detection, fire fighting, fire alarm and safety systems at its various onshore and offshore facilities in Turkmenistan
  • The main project objectives were:
  • Evaluate status and appropriate coverage of existing fire protection systems, fire detection systems, operational response and life safety at all onshore processing facilities and a number of offshore production and gathering platforms
  • List deficiencies and provide recommendations in line with NFPA and other industry practices  
  • Develop feed package(s) to implement approved recommendation by installation contractors
  • Preparation of electrical hazardous area classification drawings for both onshore and offshore facilities

ExxonMobil - Belgium

  • Organisation of crisis management tabletop exercises

Fire Freeze

(ARAMCO Wet Crude Facilities at TANAJIB)

  • Appointed as specialist for the review of fire detection and alarm systems design drawings prepared by SAS

ISLA Refinery - Curacao

  • FPC Risk concluded an umbrella contract with Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA)
  • Hazard assessment of entire 350.000 barrel/day refinery and development of Isla's safety and fire protection philosophy and preparation of overall fire safety upgrading programme for the entire refinery
  • Hydraulic analysis of firewater supply system
  • Detailed Engineering and Design of the installation of two new large fire pump stations  and detailed basic engineering for upgrading of fixed fire protection/detection systems for LPG storage, jetties, tank farms and process units
  • Preparation of the basic engineering design and tender package for upgrading of the refinery's entire fire and gas detection, alarm and communication system
  • Detailed engineering design of fire protection and detection systems for 25 storage tanks at Bullenbaai Terminal
  • Assistance to ISLA with QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) study for upgrading of the fire protection systems of the entire refinery

JO - Kuwait

  • Saudi Arabian Chevron (SAC) works in partnership with Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC), through Joint Operations (JO) located in Al-Wafra area in Kuwait
  • Evaluation of the status and appropriate coverage of existing fire protection systems, and operational response
  • Field investigations & studies and field investigation report
  • Recommendations for enhancements and overall preliminary report
  • Tender package(s) development for implementing approved recommendation by installation contractors
  • Budget cost estimate

KNPC - Kuwait National Petroleum Company

  • Appointed as specialist for Preparing FEED & TIC for phasing out of halon and feplacement of the complete fire alarm systems at all three refineries and local marketing facilities

Kuwait National Petroleum Company - Kuwait

  • Detachment on site as a specialist fire protection consultant during phasing out of Halon systems and replacement/upgrading of associated fire detection and alarm panels in KNPC refineries

PDO - Petroleum Development Oman

  • Conduct a fire and explosion risk management (FERM) study for a new SN condensate plant
  • The objective of this FERM study was to assess the mitigation measures provided in the plant to minimize the risk to life, assets and environment due to an accidental release of flammable material
  • The study included:
    • Incident scenario development
    • Evaluation of the impact of thermal radiation from fire events, pool fire, liquid inventory run off, such as jet fire, flammable gas cloud fire and explosions
    • Proposal for appropriate active/passive fire systems to mitigate the risk
    • Evaluation of the first response team capacity

Petrorabigh - Saudi Arabia

  • Fire risk assessment for large integrated oil refinery and chemical plant in Jeddah
  • Align fire safety philosophy of different OPCO’s
  • Determine staff and manpower capacity for fire fighting operations


FPC Risk oil


Qatar Shell - Qatar

  • Risk analysis of temporary housing structures
  • Risk assessment to determine need for areal fire tender

QGPC - Qatar

  • Inspection report of fire detection and suppression systems for 3 gas compressor platforms
  • Hazard analysis and fire safety study of Halul Island
  • Preparation of engineering documents and tender specifications for the upgrading of fire safety systems at Halul Island
  • Safety study on the implications of introducing sour gas as a fuel source, on Halul Island
  • Requisition documents for fire pumps at Halul Island

Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College - Qatar Petroleum (QP) - Qatar

Appointed as specialist for preparation of fire safety philosophy for the fuel storage area of the training collage and oversee the preparation of design drawings for fire protection and fire & gas detection systems to be provided.

Fire safety engineering and consultancy services for the complete facility covering:

  • Development of the fire safety philosophy to be utilised for the project, the fire & gas detection system philosophy, the passive fire protection philosophy and the life safety philosophy
  • Life safety report & code compliance
  • Fire water supply systems (fire main, tanks, hydrants & monitors)for both the emergency fire water main and the training fire water main
  • Design of all active fire protection and detection systems (site wide, buildings, fuel storage areas, substations, etc.)
  • Design of all safety and fire fighting equipment and life and firesafety signage to be provided for the facility

Salem Agencies & Services Company

(Jubail Export Plant) - Saudi Arabia

  • Appointed as specialist for the review of FM200 systems design drawings prepared by SAS

(KAPSARC) - Saudi Arabia

  • Appointed as specialist for the review of automatic sprinkler and deluge systems design drawings prepared by SAS

Saudi Aramco - KSA

  • Appointed by (SLFE) to conduct an engineering study at 53 Kingdom-wide major Saudi Aramco industrial facilities equipped with fire protection systems
  • Develop a fire protection master plan for identifying future capital projects for upgrading, as deemed necessary, existing fire protection systems and equipment located throughout Saudi Aramco’s major industrial facilities
  • Study of industrial and residential fire water requirements for all of Aramco's facilities located in Dhahran, Ras Tanura and Abqaiq
  • Develop fire protection criteria and prepare basic design documents for new hydrocarbon booster stations, UA-spheroids and APS, Abqaiq
  • Establish scope of work and project specification for fire fighting additions, plant and tank farm areas, Dhahran
  • Risk assessment study and review insurance requirements of certain industrial facilities, Ras Tanura and Abqaiq
  • Several existing offshore structures, the Gulf Saudi Arabia         

Shell BLNG - Brunei

  • Concept design for fire protection of LNG tanks
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water supply system
  • Development of tender packages

Shell Eastern Petroleum Ltd.

  • Development of a fire protection philosophy for the entire refinery.
  • Conduct of detailed studies and hazard assessment for SEPL's 450.000 barrel per day refinery, storage and marine loading facilities. The study included:
    • Establish a fire fighting strategy
    • Survey, hazard analysis and preparation of a study report with detailed recommendations on the type of suppression and detection systems required and definition of fire protection design criteria for the refinery process area
    • Engineering design and hydraulic calculations of fire protection systems for all wharves and jetties, including support to the local Singaporean engineering company during detailed design and discussions with local authorities
  • These studies also included the preparation of specifications, material take off and cost estimation for implementation
  • Development of a new emergency management organisation based on ICS and coaching of the company towards this new organisation. Work with Civil Defence towards a unified command structure
  • Development of on-site emergency response plans, standard operating procedures, pre-incident plans, trainings & exercises

Shell Global Solutions - Worldwide

  • Umbrella contract for worldwide upgrading programme on fire and gas detection
  • Support with global procurement of fire fighting equipment
  • Review of fire protection systems as part of focused assessed integrity studies offshore
  • Development of emergency management training standard
  • Development of pre-fire plans for LNG fuel stations

Shell Petroleum Development Company - Nigeria (SPDC)

  • Field surveys, engineering and design for the preparation of detailed tender packages for upgrading of fire protection-, detection- and alarm systems for SPDC's office buildings, gas plants, crude oil loading platforms, marine terminals, industrial and residential area

Shell UK & Nordics

  • GAP Assessment of 9 Oil Terminals in Norway, including high level risk analysis and corrective action plan.
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water supply system.

Shtandart - TEW terminal Rotterdam - The Netherlands

  • Development of fire safety master plan for the entire oil terminal, with a total storage capacity of 4.058.600 m³
  • Verify compliance with local regulations and international standards
  • Prepare UPD (basis of design document) which forms part of the building permit package
  • Negotiations with local authorities (DCMR, fire brigade and OBP)
  • Prepare PvE’s (tender packages/system certification documents), including basic design drawings, for supply and installation of fire protection, detection and alarm systems
  • Coordination with owner (Shtandart) and general terminal engineering contractor

Techint (Hout Onshore Crude Facilities in Al Khafji) - Saudi Arabia

Appointed as specialist for fire safety engineering and consultancy services covering:

  • Design of acive fre fghting systems
  • Design of pasive fre fghting systems
  • Design of fire & gas detection systems
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire water main system
  • Preparation of requisition documents

Total - Europe and Middle East

  • Conduct of risk analysis and fire safety studies
  • Define the required level of fire and gas detection systems, fire protection systems, drainage requirements and safety equipment
  • Obtain approvals from local authorities and Total Headquarters (HSE)
  • Hydraulic analysis of firewater distribution network and pumps, including flow testing
  • Define types and design criteria of fire detection, alarm and protection systems
  • Conduct of basic and detailed engineering and design of fire protection and detection systems
  • Site supervision, testing and commissioning of fire protection systems

Valero Refinery - Aruba

  • Projects at the Valero refinery (previously operated by Coastal and El Paso) in Aruba
  • Projects completed are amongst others:
  • Hazard assessment and development of CARC’s safety and fire protection philosophy
  • Basic design for upgrading of the fire water supply and distribution system
  • Development of a fire-fighting system maintenance manual and emergency procedures

Vesta Terminals - Belgium

  • Assessment and optimisation of the emergency management organisation
  • Development of emergency response plan and pre-incident plans
  • Field training exercise organisation

VTTI - Worldwide

Umbrella contract to support VTTI worldwide including services such as :

  • All aspects of fire protection (passive/active), fire and gas detection and alarm and life safety at the terminal and the loading/unloading jetty
  • Preparation of heat radiation calculations utilising computational software and definition of the facility theoretical fire water demand based on credible fire scenarios
  • Review of all installation contractors submittals, related to life & fire safety
  • GAP analysis of corporate standards

Wintershall - Europe

  • Conduct a fire safety study on 4 offshore production platforms
  • Hydraulic verification analysis of the current fire water systems with upgrade recommendations
  • Basic engineering design and detailed engineering design for the extension and upgrading of the current deluge systems
  • Commissioning of all deluge systems and delivery of an acceptance certificate

ZADCO, Zakum Development Company - Abu Dhabi - UAE

  • Review of design for Halon replacement fire protection systems of critical facilities on central complex and satellite platforms
  • Review study and evaluation of alternatives as prepared by contractor

Zakum & Umm Shaif offshore fields - Abu Dhabi

  • A comprehensive fire safety and fire protection study of the offshore facilities and structures operated by Zakum


More references are available upon request.