Oil & Gas

FPC Risk is an active assistant in developing and deploying fire safety and emergency management concepts for the oil & gas industry. The focus in the oil & gas industry is on prevention, fast detection and automatic suppression, this in close collaboration with professional response organizations.

Offshore Platforms

The combination of people working and at the same time living on top of an oil and gas rig is not evident. Hence, the objective of an offshore safety management system is an ultra-rapid intervention based on awareness, early detection, automated systems and manual intervention. The challenge, besides the safeguarding of the platform structure and integrity, is to assure the safe rescue and evacuation of the crew.

Petrochemical and Chemical

The objective of industrial fire protection is to safeguard corporate assets and to ensure the continuity of profitable operations. The level of protection required cannot be readily extracted from codes and standards or from the advice of insurance companies and fire equipment manufacturers. FPC Risk provides the knowledge and experience to assess the overall loss exposure and to develop the required safety measures.


FPC Risk industries


A-typical buildings

FPC Risk develops fire safety strategies in line with internationally recognised fire safety standards and local requirements. FPC Risk’s strength relies mainly into protection of a-typical buildings, where codes and standards need to be interpreted and further supported by analytical approaches.

Pharmaceutical and Medical

FPC Risk is a prominent advisor for fire safety, emergency management and business continuity services to the pharmaceutical and medical industry. These industries typically require careful considerations when it comes to protecting sensitive environments. Defend in place strategies are often developed to tackle limited mobility of inpatients in the hospital sector.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Developing fire safety and emergency management concepts for this industry requires identification of risks with the storage and processing of toxic, flammable and sometimes instable materials. This includes the procetion of large warehouses, depots and production facilities.

Power Generation

FPC Risk has an extensive experience and track record in protection of both conventional and renewable power plants in different areas of the world. Since the energy source harnessed to the turn generators varies widely, fire safety and management strategies also differ for specific plants.


Since its inception, FPC Risk has been advising both large hotel chains and boutique style hotels. The challenge nowadays is to develop a safety concept for multi-occupancy spaces without jeopardising the architectural design of today’s modern hotels.


The presence of a diverse number of businesses and operations, exploited by different companies in harbours, airports and other large infrastructure complexes, requires special attention from a fire risk and emergency management point of view. The major challenge is to ascertain an adequate and uniform level of protection and safety throughout the premises.

Commercial and office buildings

The main challenges in commercial centres and office buildings are the large open spaces and the sometimes extensive travel distances for evacuation. FPC Risk prepares fire safety strategies for these premises and executes specific studies related to egress, smoke extraction and structural integrity.