InnovationsBeing ahead of the race. Staying ahead of the race. That’s the tenor of our vision and strategy for the years to come. It’s also the reason why the FPC Risk Center of Expertise was conceived and will be launched in the spring of 2016.

The purpose of this think tank is to constantly stay on top of the latest developments in the field of fire risk and emergency management and to develop valuable ideas and concepts for our industry and customers. By doing so we establish an aspiring company esprit, a living culture of innovation.


The FPC Risk Center of Expertise is a breeding ground for innovative inspiration on life and fire safety. A versatile platform thriving on joined efforts of different stakeholders on a wide variety of topics, fields and disciplines as:

  • Client relationship management
  • Design engineering
  • Emergency management organization
  • Academic reciprocity
  • Research and Technology
  • Innovation

The FPC Risk Center of Expertise ensures a sustained focus on the road ahead, continuously reinventing the obvious and developing innovative ways for better fire & risk protection.


NokeosNoKeos Incident Management

NoKeos IM is an interactive emergency management solution designed by emergency management experts to support organisations before, during and after an incident.

Incidents are dynamic events that require a coordinated intervention of multiple parties.

Information is often available but insufficiently structured and too static to be able to fulfill the requirements for real-time emergency management and to assure long-term knowledge management.

For an emergency management system to be effective, it needs to actively support the relief organisations in doing the right things at the right time during the course of an incident.

Although the evolution of incidents is highly unpredictable, the emergency response is always characterised by similar decision support structures.

A lot of procedures, parameters and boundary conditions have a recurring pattern. These patterns can be pro-actively designed and embedded in a software environment for consultation during incidents. Through training and lessons learned from past incidents, these patterns can be further optimised and refined.

NoKeos takes improvised emergency response away from the individual by using a specific methodology to convey knowledge to a tool that satisfies training and operational needs.