Dear Friends of FPC Risk,

As director of a company that’s been operating globally for over 45 years, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with lots of wonderful people.

But there is only ONE person that ties everything together, There is only ONE person that knows and loves this company, its people, its customers and suppliers, its contractors and engineers, its managers and shareholders, its… (you name it), for such a long time.

fpc risk gaby verheyen

There is only one GABY VERHEYEN

I do feel extremely privileged and proud to call Gaby my personal assistant for over 15 years now. Moreover, she also survived my father Ed with whom she worked for 10 years. In today's ratrace this kind of professional ethics, loyalty and dedication is scarce.

Working for 25 years under 2 Bruyninckx dynasties is not an easy ride. Gaby deserves the utmost praise, applause and respect.



I share this remarkable FPC Risk milestone with you because I am sure, when you know Gaby (and I bet you do), you will like to congratulate her too on this heroic achievement. 




Director FPC Risk