Corporate Values

To deliver the highest quality of services we stick to following  corporate values.

  • Independence: FPC Risk has no financial ties with equipment manufacturers, installation contractors or insurers. This enables us to provide unbiased and truly cost-effective advice
  • Innovation:  Innovation is embedded in our organisation through the Center of Expertise
  • Expertise: Since 1973 we advised more than 10 000 companies in over a 100 different countries. Our staff with an average expertise of 15 years has a multidisciplinary background applied in areas going from oil & gas and pharmaceutical, over hotels to airports and shopping malls
  • Multi-cultural:  FPC Risk carries the utmost respect for regional and local habits and cultures. We pride ourselves to have more than 10 nationalities on board in a team that speaks and understand 20 languages
  • Hands-on: Transferring a high level safety philosophy into a technical and organisational safety concept that works is what FPC Risk does best